The Bolsonaro government, which denies science, has been banned from campaigning by Justice

The Bolsonaro government, which denies science, has been banned from campaigning by Justice

A federal court has barred the union from conducting advertising campaigns against the unproven Kovid-19 pandemic based on scientific facts about the disease. The decision also states that within 15 days the federal government will promote a campaign with information on broadcasting and defense measures. Coronavirus.

The decision comes in response to a request from the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) for a “Brazil Can’t Stop” campaign, which began in March 2020. At the time, the union encouraged Brazilians to abandon social isolation and return to normal activities.

The MPF requested that the federal government issue a note within 24 hours of acknowledging that the “Brazil cannot stop” campaign was not based on scientific information and that its contents should not be pursued by the population or the authorities. . However, Federal Judge Alberto Nogveera Jr. rejected the request because the campaign was not broadcast shortly after the primary judge.

Nogvera Jr. also rejected a request for compensation of at least $ 10 million in collective pain and suffering prepared by the MPF. In his opinion, it is more effective and useful to inform the public accurately than to say, “The federal union has already paid that amount, one day, thousands – or millions – already.”

The magistrate decided to impose a fine of $ 1,000 per day for non-compliance with government decisions.

Searched for Twitter, The Federal Attorney General’s Office stated that it “does not respond to pending proceedings.”

The campaign had been going on for three days

The “Brazil Can’t Stop” campaign aired at the end of March 2020. After negative repercussions and numerous lawsuits, it was deleted three days after the publications on the federal government’s profiles were published.

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On that occasion, a federal court in Rio ordered the suspension of a campaign preaching the return of Brazilians to work.

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