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The biggest surprises in the history of European football

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Image source: Fritz Duras [CC BY-SA 3.0], By Wikimedia Commons (Image edited)

The European Championship 2020 Active, already has some exciting games to watch. While there were still no big positive surprises, there are teams that can be expected to perform well. After a very strong qualification Turkey could not be convinced. Fans saw the absolutely harmless and harmless appearance of the Senol Gens team, so this European Championship is just a zero point and one goal for the Turkish team.

Poland also has world football players Robert Lewandowski It was sometimes traded as Group E’s secret favorite. The performance after the three games speaks a completely different language. After the group stage, our neighboring country was over.

Italy is living up to its role as a favorite

Italy However, it has remained uninterrupted since the last few months, with three wins in three games being one of the most convincing teams in this tournament. In addition to the known strong defense, it is also the fastest and most courageous attacking football that inspires fans. Team by Roberto Mancini Internal tip Played with a contestant for the title. So the Italians apply here EM 2021 betting Next France And Germany At the same time as the most likely winner of the tournament.

And intermittent group tours Sweden And Czech Republic Many did not anticipate. So, like the tradition for a European championship, it is exciting and often unpredictable. Enough to examine the biggest surprises in the history of the tournament, which started in France in 1960.

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Ireland defeated England in the group stage in 1988

The European Championship 1988 Played in the Federal Republic of Germany, the tournament should ultimately be won by the Netherlands. They beat Germany 2-0 in the semi-finals and the Soviet Union in the final. Even today the only international title is “Oranges”, the legendary players of today Ronald Coman, Frank Rijkard, Rudd Gullit And arrears Marco van Boston Ran.

The EM’s biggest surprise However, it was a game in the group stage of the tournament. Met on June 12 in Stuttgart England And Ireland Each other. It was their debut in a major tournament for Ireland, with their 1-0 victory in the first leg shocking the homeland of football and geographical neighbors. A victory that no one expected, especially against such a strong opponent. Coach Jack Charlton Despite being the only winner in the preliminary round, he made football history in Ireland at the time. The draw against the Soviet Union and the defeat against the Dutch ended in the group stage. However, it is a tournament that is still lovingly regarded in Ireland.

Denmark defeated Germany in the 1992 final

The IN 1992 There were some amounts to offer. Four players were awarded three goals each Tournament top scorer, Including the German Striker On the Carl-Heinz Ride. It is also the first international tournament to feature the last name on the back of the shirt instead of the player’s number.

For political reasons, the Soviet Union team had to compete in the “Commonwealth of Independent States”, which did not have a flag or national anthem. They were eliminated without a win in the preliminary round. Eligibility for the tournament was certainly positive, but Yugoslavia had to withdraw from the tournament due to the Balkan conflict. They advanced Denmark In Group 1 of EM since 1988.

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Dane surprised in the group stage against Sweden if France and England lose. In the semi-finals, the reigning European champions waited for Denmark with the Netherlands but were able to beat them on penalties. By then it was an incredible run for Richard Mുള്ളller Nielsen’s team. On June 26, the Danons received them in Gothenburg Germany 1990 World Champion They lost 2-0 with a great performance. One of the most incredible EM stories ever – to date.

2004 Final – Greece wins European Championship

Even before the tournament Auto Rehagel Achieved iconic status as a coach. Werder Bremen, Bayern Munich, 1, “King Auto” coaching position. FC Kaiserlotton and others took over the coaching position. Bundesliga. In 2001, he followed suit GreeceThere he coached the national team. In these three years In 2004, He changed a few things for the Greeks and made the team more disciplined. It was rare to watch football, but it was always successful.

Unlike Germany, they were eliminated for the third time in their history in the group stage. The 0-0 win over Latvia could be considered the biggest surprise in European championship history, if it had not been for this incredible Greek tournament. After surviving the primary round Greece was able to defeat the European champions from France, The first sensation of the tournament was already assured.

Karistius with a golden goal for Greece

They beat the Czech Republic in the semifinals with a silver goal in extra time. The The final was played against the host and leading PortugalWith players like Deco, Louis Figo And Cristiano Ronaldo Arrived. But Angelos Caristius The day was a success Greece won the European title in the 57th minute. The tournament went down in the history books and Reaghal became a god in the country. For many, this is a bigger surprise than Denmark’s victory in 1992.

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This year’s European Championship is unlikely to come as a similarly big surprise, after all, the events on the list are the most famous shocks in European football. Of course it will be an exciting tournament and it remains to be seen who will win the title on July 11th.

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