The best teacher in Ireland is Italian

The best teacher in Ireland is Italian

The most beloved university professor among Irish students is an Italian. His name is Luka Longo, he is 39 years old and specializes in computer science and artificial intelligence and works as a lecturer at the Technological University in Dublin.

Longo, from Vorussia, went on to become a postgraduate, postgraduate student, and never went on to become a lecturer. The position is now established, but shows no signs of diminishing his passion for research and teaching. Proof of this is what the university told him a few days ago The students reported as “National Teacher Leader”.

Recognition for the best professors and it is very valuable to Longo because this is the second time he has received it. In the last two editions of this competition, four years apart (In 2016 and 2020), The fate of the students was unanimous: Longo claimed It is at the top of the rankings of professors because it attracts them and makes them passionate about the subject.

Maybe it will depend on his direct style, his Italian prowess, and the dedication he shows to his work. To those who ask how he describes this success, Luca Longo responds with embarrassment. “I add the fact of precision and accuracy – Dice -. When I start teaching I have a motto: Accuracy, focus, rigor. These are the three main terms that we analyze, making the dictionary in our hands, without ambiguity, with clarity that helps not only the teacher but also the students. These are the three basic skills for the course of research methods, in which I teach exactly how to develop inquiry at an academic level”.

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Luka Longo, the best professor in Ireland, is 41 years old and hails from Vares

When he talks about accuracy, longo refers to accuracy, which is fundamental when planning a research proposal that becomes a master’s or doctoral thesis for students. By focusing on the other side, he means concentrating on a precise and clear goal. Finally, Academic Hardness quotes literature correctly and pays attention to commas and the words you choose.

Basic skills, it does not make Professor Longo boring or pedantic. “I always try to play with my lessons and try to use the same words of young people and identify with them – he adds -. Of course, this year with video lessons is not easy, because you can not look at the faces of fifty or sixty people. Teaching live is more exciting not only for us but also for students when many elements are missing online“Then there are the practical difficulties.

The Superprof He lectured from the kitchen table at home, where he set up a 49-inch screen to get at least a glimpse of the students’ faces, but many of his students were connected from distant lands, so maybe it was midnight for them. “This award should actually go more to those who have followed the course in these circumstances than to me – Dice -: It was definitely not easy!”.

Fortunately, Professor Longo’s lessons are arranged in the smallest detail and very differently. “I define all my teaching content, I make no room for improvement, I plan two-hour lessons with different activities every minute – Conclusion -. I speak, I present some slides, and then I suggest the same pictures again, asking students to think so they can grasp the main ideas”.

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A method that works, evaluates the fact The students wanted to define Luka Longo as a leader in the chair She won the prize organized by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning. Second time in a row: almost on record.

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