The best squash in Niederordorf | Raceboat

The best squash in Niederordorf |  Raceboat

Friday, April 29, 2022

Swiss squash elite played tough and intense games

Last weekend, the Swiss squash elite met on the tennis and squash courts of Rohdorferberg (TSR) in Niederdorf for the PSA Squash Nidi-Satellite 1000.

PSA is comparable to the WTA in tennis and is responsible for hosting international squash tournaments. Accordingly, players from all over the world can register for such an event, which certainly attracts the best national athletes. Two players from the top ten in Switzerland and two athletes from Ireland took part in the tournament. High level competitions can be expected. Like tennis, players are seeded by force at the table. Playing “Best of Five”. So the first winner of the three sets wins. In contrast to tennis, all courts have played in the current tournament. So if you lose, you play against another loser on the losing side of the tablo.
The first games went as expected and all the seeded players were able to reassure themselves. Local captain Sven Steeler was also present, having grown up in Niederohardorf and attending junior training at TSR. Meanwhile, starting for SC Sihlathal, he is ranked 25th in Switzerland. In the first game, he challenged Livio Catanasi (Creans Panthers) but won all three sets. Unfortunately, Catanasi later had to give up as he suffered an old injury again.

Irish with strong performance
In the second round, Stitler met Michael Creven, who was with Alex Smith, especially from Ireland for this tournament. This very dynamic game thrilled the spectators with long and exciting rallies and pushed both athletes to their limits. After a five-set battle, Stetler was able to leave the field victorious. Only in the third round did he lose to Miguel Mathis (Uster) in a three-set long game (9:11 / 9:11 / 9:11). The second Irish player suffered a clear defeat in the fourth round against Alex Smith and had to settle for fourth place in the final. In the final of the tournament, two leading players Nils Roche, Greens (1) and Miguel (Migi) Mathis (2) clashed. Despite the physically difficult semifinals, Roche put a lot of pressure on his opponent Mathis from the start. “Migi” could not afford it and lost the match by three sets. Despite the defeat, all the players clearly demonstrated their skills and showed the spectators what a great sport of squash is. (For payment)

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