“The best matches of all time” against England, Ntamack promises

L'ouvreur du XV de France Romain Ntamack, avant le match du Tournoi des Six nations contre l'Irlande, le 12 février 2022 au Stade de France
France XV opener Romain Entomack before the Six Nations tournament match against Ireland on 12 February 2022 in Stade de France (Bertrand GUAY / AFP / Archives)

France England are “always great matches”, but no burning issue. On Saturday, the decisive crunch on the way to the first Grand Slam since 2010, France XV’s opener Romain Ntamak approached what was considered Tuesday “like the others”.

Q: Did you grow through your personal history through these France-England matches?

France's XV opener Romain Entamak (C) will face English-centric Manu Tuilagi during a match at the Six Nations Nations Tournament in St-Denis, Saint-Denis on February 2, 2020.
France’s XV opener Romain Entamak (C) will face center center Gael Fico and English center Manu Tuilagi during the Sixth Nations tournament on February 2, 2020 in Stade de France, Saint-Denis (Martin Bureau). / AFP / Archives)

A: “No, not particularly. We’ve talked a lot about crunch, but it’s a match like any other. We approach it like any other match against big nations. It’s nothing special. “This weekend, they’re going to give us a lot of trouble and we’re going to have to prepare well for a great match.”

Q: Historically, the English like to climb on the heads of the French. How do we prepare for it?

Answer: “We’re not really ready for that. You know, we’re all too trivial. We do not pay attention to everything around us. We do not talk much, we play our matches. We need to be there for the weekend. Yes, we’m used to it. The players are tense but the group knows how to deal with their mood.

Q: A word about your direct rival Marcus Smith.

England Fly-Half Marcus Smith faces Welsh hooker Ryan Elias at the Sixth Nations Tournament on 26 February 2022 at Twickenham Stadium in London.
England fly-half Marcus Smith hooks up with Welsh hooker Ryan Elias (Glyn Kirk / AFP / Archives) during the Sixth Nations Tournament on 26 February 2022 at Twickenham Stadium in London.

A: “He’s a very good player, he’s exploding with England. He’s a center of their game. He’s a very dangerous player. He’s doing very well with Harlequins. We know we need to see him. Yes, but he brought this little aspect of madness into the game. “The English team. With him, they played a little more, a little more aggressively. We analyzed him in the video and we have to be very compact to defend him.

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