The best gifts that are easy to mail

Making the right choices this festive season

The festive season is upon us and gifts are at the forefront of our minds. Life often has us being further apart from each other than is convenient to simply pop a gift down to someone’s home by hand though, so we must think about mailing. With cost and convenience always a consideration, what should you think about when it comes to mailing Christmas gifts? 

Choosing the right packaging 

There are so many different kinds of gifts available, but most of the time they will boil down to being sent in similar kinds of boxes or packaging. They will often have an outer box, or in the case of something like a gift card/token/subscription confirmation they will be easy to send in an envelope. There are many different styles of packaging available, particularly from custom manufacturers like, to choose from. 

This allows you to think about the kind of emotion you want to convey with your packaging. Are you looking for something fun and festive, or something more subtle and reserved? You can tailor the packaging to the personality of the person who will be receiving it, or indeed in line with the type of gift that you have chosen for them. This adds an extra level of personalisation to the process, especially when sending gifts to friends and loved ones remotely. Whether it’s cardboard boxes or envelopes, you’ll find the perfect gifts for you. 

Dimensions always matter

Choosing the right packaging means knowing the dimensions of your gift box or envelope. General size is an easy metric to consider but actually weight plays a huge part too, because weight is often what makes a parcel particularly expensive to ship. As the cost of living crisis continues every little saving can help, and knowing this can help you to make key savings. 

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For example the new Phillips TAG5106 headphones would be a perfect choice of gift for the gamer in your life. The box would be reasonably large, but headphones are not a bulky item – indeed part of the appeal of the TAG5106 headphones is their light weight, which is what makes them so comfortable. As such despite being a relatively large package it wouldn’t be especially expensive to ship compared to a smaller but heavier item, such as a weighty ornament. 

Whatever gifts you choose this Christmas, be sure to give the packaging a second thought as it can make all the difference and ensure a gift is truly memorable. 

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