The Belgians want to take over Achen Publishing Company

The Belgians want to take over Achen Publishing Company

AVG Managing Director Andreas Mueller said in a statement: “Newspapers in the European city of Aachen have been in close contact with mediahoe newspapers in neighboring Dutch Limburg and Belgian Limburg for decades.” Both companies “see the potential of local media markets and share an assessment of strategies that can exploit these potential.”

“Our growth goal is clear: we want to grow as a leading European media company,” said Gert Yesebert, head of MediaHus. After expanding into Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg, “the expansion of our operations in the German region of the North Rhine-Westphalia is a logical next step.”

Medianhouse Achen is a major shareholder in Achener Verlagsellschaft, which, according to its own information, includes advertising papers, digital media, radio, printing, logistics, trade fairs / events, and postal services in addition to two daily newspaper headlines. Medianhos Achen Group has 400 employees and an annual turnover of യൂറോ 80 million.

Mediahuise – founded only in 2013 – claims to be one of the leading media groups in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg. So the group employs 4,500 people and has an annual turnover of over ൺ 1 billion.

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