The BBC alleges that Martin Bashir split the investigation in advance

The BBC alleges that Martin Bashir split the investigation in advance

In response to Mr. Waller’s complaint, attorneys at the BBC’s litigation department split the results of the Lord of Design’s review in advance.

In a BBC letter to Mr Waller’s lawyers, he said: “Although your client is not yet able to give a full response to the BBC, we would like to record that we are considering Bashir’s actions in deeply mocking the documents. Unfortunately, we do not think this will lead to any criminal offense.

The letter acknowledged that the design review was about to begin, adding that “it is wrong for the BBC to pre-divide any of the designer’s findings and that it is” impossible or inappropriate for the BBC to give a substantial response “.

The conclusion that he is “not a criminal” can lead to anger that the corporation made its own findings before the investigation was properly conducted.

Mr Waller, 57, has promised to give evidence to the Duke of Duchess Design, believing that the BBC knew the outcome or pre-determined himself before concluding the investigation.


Payments to Mr Waller from News International and an offshore company show that it was a secret how Bashir came to know some details about his company bank account and that he was allowed to mock the statements.

Bashir used statements claiming that Mr. Waller was on the payroll of a tabloid newspaper and receiving money from intelligence agencies to keep tabs on the fake princess and her brother. Waller said that if Ale Spencer had shown him the bank statements given by Mr. Bashir, he would have told him that they were fabricated.

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