The battle with brain cancer is lost

Daddy’s dramatic fight over “warrior” who died in the last few hours: failed in battle with brain cancer.

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The sad sister of a brave father of two pays heartfelt tribute to him, describing how he bravely fought until he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Lance Roberts died on Tuesday, January 5, after a long illness. He was only 33 years old. On the wedding day of sister Kimberly Chaplin on September 15, 2018, Roberts fell ill with her two young children, Maysi, six-year-old Mason and 12-year-old Mason, following a severe headache.

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Lance Roberts’ tragic story: Warrior father dies

He was unable to attend the ceremony at St. Stephen’s Church in Ystrad Ronda. He called an ambulance, which took him to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, where he was diagnosed with an advanced brain tumor the next day. Later, the young father was taken to the University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff, where he underwent brain surgery on October 4, 2018.

He later returned home but was hospitalized with meningitis. In the months that followed, Mr. from Trela ​​in Rhonda. Roberts underwent 43 sessions of radiotherapy and 10 sessions of chemotherapy.

An infection caused an allergy to chemotherapy, which had to be stopped and then resumed, but then the treatment was stopped completely because it did not work completely. He also underwent platelet transfer. Despite treatment, the brain tumor grew rapidly and developed into a glioblastoma, which became more invasive and severe.

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