The battle of words between Colin Rooney and Rebecca Verdi in the High Court ‘Vagata Christie’ war

The battle of words between Colin Rooney and Rebecca Verdi in the High Court 'Vagata Christie' war

In a 227 word post, Rooney claimed that she had been the victim of a series of leaks and that an investigation had led her to conclude: “This is Rebecca Wardy’s account.”

Millions of people around the world read every word in every part of the statement, with 37 symbols and possible meanings behind each sentence.

Wardy, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Verdy, has denied she was the source of the leak and is suing for defamation.


Rebecca Verdi today at Dancing on Ice Training

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“Someone who has been trusting to follow me on my personal Instagram account for a number of years regularly reports my personal posts and stories to the Sun newspaper,” she told her followers.

Rooney, who is married to former England international Wayne Rooney, “had a suspicion” that he had posted fake news on his Instagram account.

“I prevented everyone except one account from viewing my Instagram stories,” she wrote.

“I know from which account / person this is,” she said.

I saved and screenshots all the real stories that clearly show that a person has seen them.

“This is Rebecca Verdi’s account.”

( Cole’s bombshell post about Rebecca Ward’s account / Twitter )

Hugh Tomlinson QC told the court on Thursday that he was portrayed as a “villain” and that Rooney’s use of the word “someone” showed the motive behind her message.

“A person is said to be responsible for the leak for a long time,” he said.

Tomlinson referred to “who it could be” and pointed out that only “one person” saw the fake posts and that it ended up in The Sun.

“The whole purpose of the post is to reveal who leaked the information to the sun,” he said.


High Court of London

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Rooney’s barrister David Sherborne had a different interpretation of these words.

“The impression that the reader will take away is the essential message, the source of private stories about the defendant is Rebecca Verdi’s description that appears in The Sun; Not Rebecca Verdi. The note reduces the guilt it gives to the average reader. ”

He described Rooney’s use of the word “except for one account” and was accused of using an Instagram account instead of Ward’s.

“It is common knowledge that a media personality and celebrity will not be the only one to gain access to her Instagram account,” Sherbone said, adding that former members of the court may not be aware of this wisdom. I knew it was right.

Tomlinson, who opened his address to the court with the definition of a WAG he raised from Wikipedia, suggested that Sherbone may refer to them to Justice Warbio.


Colin Rooney

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Social media users are naturally drawn to the conclusion of a post like Rooney’s, highlighting “the typographical choice of three sets of ellipses and a full stop”.

Justice Warbow was asked to consider the competitive meanings of Rooney’s post.

Wardy argues that she repeatedly betrayed (Rooney’s) faith over the years by leaking (her) personal and personal Instagram posts and stories to be published in the Sun newspaper, including a story about gender choices in Mexico; A story about (her) returning to TV; And a story about the basement flood in (her) new home.

Rooney says: “There is good reason to suspect that Wardy is responsible for regularly passing information about Rooney’s private Instagram posts and stories to The Sun.”

The judge will make his decision on Friday at 2 p.m.

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