“The Batman” with Robert Pattinson: One of the Best DC Villains Just Minutes Ago – Kino News

"The Batman" with Robert Pattinson: One of the Best DC Villains Just Minutes Ago - Kino News

Colin Farrell, who plays the villain penguin in the upcoming DC movie “The Batman”, announced a year ago that his role in the film was minor. Now he is more clear, apparently even referring to a specific period of his form.

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In the upcoming DC film “The Batman”, “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson, meanwhile, becomes the acclaimed indie actor who, for the first time, slips into the dark abyss of the popular superhero. DC Extended Universe (played by Ben Affleck the Dark Knight) will show the new solo adventure to a completely inexperienced Batman who enjoys a solo adventure for free.

Colin Farrell appeared as the penguin in “The Batman”

Batman encounters not one, but several opponents at the same time. One of them is the penguin, one of the most famous and beloved villains in the city of Gotham. Colin Farrell (“Strange Animals”, “See Bruges … Will He Die?”) And the Irish actor confirmed it a year ago when the penguin was not so strongly identified in “The Batman”. Its share will be very small. He revealed to journalist Josh Horowitz how small he is now:

“I only have five or six scenes thereSo I can not wait to see the movie, because it will not destroy me, “says Colin Farrell, who has a problem watching his own movies, when he explains:” It’s a little disturbing. For me in nine minutes, on the show, the rest of the time, I can’t wait to see what happens [Regisseur und Autor Matt Reeves] Made it. “

So you have it. According to Colin Farrell, the penguin will only appear in “The Batman” for nine minutes. This should be only an estimate (after all, even Colin Farrell at the end of the film does not know how big his appearance will be), but at least his statement makes it clear that he has only a few scenes.

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Less is sometimes more

Penguin fans (or Colin Farrell fans) should be disappointed, but don’t worry: A lot of things can be done in nine minutes. After all, “Jurassic Park” only has 15 minutes of footage that actually shows dinosaurs, and no one can say that there were very few dinosaurs in the Spielberg Classic.

Also, the DC movie can focus on Paul Dano as the Riddler, who is rumored to be the main villain in the movie.

The German theatrical release of “The Batman” is March 3, 2022.

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