The Ball – Stojkovic without fear of Portugal: “Does it have wings and flies?” (Serbia)

The Ball - Stojkovic without fear of Portugal: "Does it have wings and flies?"  (Serbia)

Dragon Stojkovic, Serbia’s coach, is hoping for an official final against Portugal in the battle for Group A ‘s lead, a direct qualifier for the 2022 World Cup.

We will do our best against Luxembourg and Azerbaijan (October 9, 12) to achieve the desired results. We have to overcome these two obstacles before the final in Lisbon. The draw with Ireland (1-1) was a risk, but the game against Portugal will decide everything, he began, with a warning for the match at Alvalad on November 14:

“If we need a draw, we will play to win. That’s what I ask my players in every game. ”

He continued with an example taken from the final round of the Champions League: “Our draw with Ireland was an own goal, but it was football. These are the things that happen. The sheriff also went to Madrid to beat Real. There are some things we cannot predict. “

Luxembourg forward Sebastian Till, who gave the Sheriff a historic victory at the Santiago Bernabeu, was asked who his Serbian opponent was: “If we’re afraid of a player, we do not deserve to be in the World Cup.”

Back to Group Accounts: When I picked up the selection and looked at the group, I knew the game in Lisbon would be a final. To qualify for the World Cup, we have to face a great team. What if they play against a big team? Does Portugal have wings and flying? The forecasts received Portuguese clearance. Let us first think about these two games. ”


Five rounds later, Portugal are 13 points clear of Group A, two points ahead of Serbia.

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