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The balance of power between unionists and republicans could shift

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Northern Ireland Unionist Party leader Gavin Robinson is under pressure to be re-elected and retain his Westminster seat in the UK general election.

The pro-British DUP party now has 8 seats, compared to seven for the Republicans in Sinn Féin, 2 for the Social Democrats and one seat for the moderate unionists in the coalition.

In Belfast, the Alliance party is counting on Naomi Long to bring down the DUP.

Kate Nicholl, Northern Alliance Party Member: “It's very tight, But the response from our canvassers on the ground has been good. The answer is correct, Naomi [Long] He is a politician of a generation. We think she is very capable, she has already represented the country in Europe, at Westminster and as Justice Minister, and people know that if they vote for her, she will give them what they want.

Conversely, the Democratic Unionist Party says it is confident of returning eight MPs to Westminster, including former Belfast mayor Gavin Robinson, who has been in the House of Commons since 2015.

Gordon Lyons, DUP campaign manager: “Gavin Robinson has proven himself In East Belfast. He's gotten very strong votes every time he's gone before the voters, and I think he'll do that, but we're not taking anything for granted.

Losing a Westminster seat to the main unionist party would be hugely symbolic, as rival unionist parties are likely to steal votes from the DUP and Sinn Féin, the pro-Irish unity party, continues to expand its support due to a growing number of Irish nationalist Catholics. In Northern Ireland.

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The rivalry between the unionist parties between the DUP and the Alliance Party threatens to upset the balance of power in Northern Ireland.

The symbols are strong, and if the Democratic Unionist Party gives up just one seat to its coalition rivals, Sinn Fein will gain republican power.

Sam McBride, Belfast Telegraph: “Sinn Féin has risen in recent times and the Unionist parties have declined. If this continues in this election it will reinforce the perception that Irish unity is getting closer.”

For Ken Murray, Euronews' Ireland correspondent, if the DUP loses more elected representatives than Sein Féin in Westminster, everything will change: “Then we should expect other calls for a referendum on a united Ireland.”

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