The Ax-1 mission crew receives astronaut status

In recognition of his arrival on the ISS, the crew of the Ax-1 mission was offered a badge by the International Astronauts Association, however, this honor may be questioned internationally.

Three of the mission’s four crew members Ax-1Gives Axium spaceAccepted by members of International Space Station (ISS) As “astronauts”, they will remain in orbit for eight days as they are ordinary people with no space travel experience.

The plane arrived at the station last Saturday (9), after Leave the land the day before On the Crew Dragon Endeavor spacecraft developed by SpaceX. Of the four passengers, only Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria had space travel experience – he retired from NASA for years and became the first former astronaut to return to the ISS.


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“I must say this was a truly unique experience,” the commander said during a broadcast to his fellow passengers and members of Expedition 67. Current residents of the ISS. “I do not know how to begin to describe what the last one and a half days have been like inside the crew dragon, seeing these people’s faces light up.”

The commander announced that he would recognize his colleagues as honorary astronauts: “When you cross a certain boundary – that boundary is a matter of debate, but in the US it is about 80 km – at altitude you will become an astronaut.” Arrived, and that’s what happened to these three, for the first time, yesterday [sexta-feira, 8]”, He commented, and then handed out pins proving the occupation of civilian passengers.

When he referred to the term “debate”, he referred to Lopez-Allegri To the extent that it includes “space travel”. Explains: The so-called “international consensus”Karman’s record”- 100 km above the Earth’s surface – is the boundary that separates our planet from space. However, the US has a lower limit, at an altitude of about 80 km.

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This boundary over whether or not someone is an astronaut raises some debate – this is the point of the discussion about Jeff Bezos, the founder of the Amazon Group and aerospace company Blue Origin. Yes or no Officially Recognized Honor, When sailing with the New Shepherd in July 2021.

The AX-1 mission crew was awarded the International Astronauts Association Badge in recognition of their arrival on the ISS, however, this title may be questioned internationally (Image: International Space Explosives Association / Disclosure)

In other words, it is possible NASA Recognize three crew members as astronauts – Flight operation mediated by US agency in conjunction with Axiom Space. SpaceX, Crew Dragon Owner. However, whether this will be recognized internationally is another story. See you later.

Larry Connor, the pilot and the second civilian astronaut currently serving in an orbit, said: “I am thrilled and honored to be here. “Thanks to SpaceX for the amazing journey. Sorry verse, it was out of this world. We are here to live this experience, but we understand that we have a responsibility to do it right. We focus on surface support and support from everyone on the ISS. So this is going to be a busy week for us research and I know time will pass very quickly.

The team of honorary astronauts on the Ax-1 mission will conduct research in a variety of areas, but most of all, the idea is to work on health studies, thanks to Axis Space’s partnerships with several U.S. hospital institutions. Another aspect of the research will be the study of Axiom’s own technologies.

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