The Australian surfer who is believed to be the victim of a shark attack is missing

The Australian surfer who is believed to be the victim of a shark attack is missing

A surfer disappeared on suspicion Shark attack On the southwest coast of Australia.

The Australian The board of the surfer was found near the town of Esperance. A shark attack was reported at Kelp Beds Beach on Friday morning, and police suspect it may be linked to two incidents.

The name of the missing surfer has not been settled by his family, but the senior sergeant. Tarasinki said he was a prominent local and well known in the area.

Australia pro-surfer closes beach with ‘dangerous shark’

“A witness called to say he saw a shark attacking someone,” said ambulance service spokesman Joan Hill. “We went to the scene. I understand they still haven’t found anyone. ”

The search ended late Friday, but police plan to resume the search in the first light on Saturday. ABC Australia reported.

“The chances of survival are very low considering some of the accounts given to us,” Tarasinghe said.

Shark-Based Coronavirus Vaccines to Prevent the Use of the Spark Controversy and Conservation Campaign

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan said the missing man was in the water with other surfers – six to eight – while others were on the beach at the time of the attack.

“It seems like a very, very difficult and very serious situation,” McGowan said.

There have been several shark attacks in Australia this year, with six deaths by September, VOA News reported. No deaths were reported in 2019, while a single death was reported in 2017 and 2018.

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A large white shark from Ballina collided off the east coast of Australia on Wednesday. A drone video showed a shark inch from Winkinson’s leg.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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