The Australian Prime Minister claims he has never lied

The Australian Prime Minister claims he has never lied

Scott Morrison has denied allegations by Emmanuel Macron that the head of the Australian government lied to him in the submarine case.

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He believes he has the skin to deal with allegations of dishonesty, especially from Emmanuel Macron. On Friday, November 12, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that he had never lied in public. “No no, I don’t think so”, He answered a question on the subject in a broadcast on a local radio station.

The French president has accused Scott Morrison of lying to him publicly after violating a “contract of the century” in connection with the sale of 12 submarines for 55 billion euros. Emmanuel Macron said he found out at the last minute that Australia was secretly negotiating a new deal with the US and the UK.

Malcolm Turnbull, former head of government, is an opponent of Scott Morrison Liberal Party, Intensified the controversy by confirming that his successor had a reputation for lying. The prime minister’s sincerity has become a major topic of discussion in Australian politics, with Scott Morrison set to run for a second term next May.

“I learned in public life, not very good leather”, The Prime Minister insisted. Scott Morrison These allegations did not bother him and he was sure that he had made the right decision by breaking the engagement of the French submarines to ensure the national defense of his country.

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