The augmented reality ring has taken the net by storm. Reedus

The augmented reality ring has taken the net by storm.  Reedus

Modern technologies have also reached jewelry and now anyone can buy an augmented reality ring. These rings are very attractive and charming. After previously installing a special application, augmented reality can only be viewed by pointing your smartphone camera at the decoration.

Technology lovers will be delighted with such a gift, however, for those “you” with modern gadgets, the new jewelry will seem a little strange and uncomfortable. Unsurprisingly, the reaction of social media users to augmented reality rings has been mixed.

Some were shocked by their beauty and originality, while others considered them useless.

“These rings will be in demand when augmented reality becomes part of our vision, but right now it doesn’t make much sense.”

“Wow, how fun! Where can you buy it?”

“Of course it’s pretty, but you’re not looking at the ring every second through the phone.”

“I feel such technologies are useless in a jeweller. But in the video, the ring looks interesting.

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