The astronauts at the RSS space station are on holiday to celebrate Christmas

The astronauts at the RSS space station are on holiday to celebrate Christmas
Houston – Not only that Earth Rejoicing with joy Christmas Day I saw this too International Space Station (ISS) Today. Taking a break from science, they convey many Christmas messages to earthly creatures.

Astronaut ISS sends Christmas news to people around the world with a message of hope in a year full of challenges caused by the global epidemic. Seven of the 64 crew members spent time relaxing and calling friends and family, but five of them aired a separate video for everyone on Earth.

Their message: Patience, after the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule that launched four astronauts at the RSS station last month. “We chose this name in honor of people around the world and the team that helped us achieve our life-changing mission for a year,” said NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins. In holiday videos. We want to remember all those who lost us this year, ”he added.

NASA astronauts Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, and Sochi Noguchi of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, along with the Dragon Endurance Crew, were launched on November 16 at the Hopkins ISS station. Kate Rubins, another NASA astronaut, was at the station with Russian astronauts Sergei Raishikov and Sergei Kud-Sverkov.

“There is no better name to describe 2020,” Glover said. “One of the things we can really celebrate this particular season is the rejuvenation of the human soul.”

Walker says that when reflected on Earth from his point of view from above, it became clear how much (and beyond) everyone on this planet is connected. In another video, she remembers exactly what Christmas and the holidays meant to her.

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“For me, three Fs means family, friends and food,” Walker said.

There will definitely be a food party at the space station today. On December 6, the cargo ship SpaceX Dragon arrived at the station with a large number of items, including Christmas presents.

“The crew will bring the Christmas food into orbit,” said Kenny Todd, deputy program director at NASA’s space station. “I didn’t think it would surprise them, but more than that … I don’t like going in front of Santa,” he said.

“The girls in college have spent years on food and have recently been granted permission to become space astronauts,” he added.

“This is a special gift from Wakasa High School,” Noguchi said. “It’s a small box in the neighborhood, but it’s a big leap for Japanese high school girls.”

Rubins said staff at the ISS space station added competition during the Christmas holidays. Astronauts decorate the halls of the International Space Station with Christmas decorations made of objects around the spacecraft. They challenged the NASA mission control team at the Johnson Space Center in Houston to do this, using only decorations from their mission control building. “We’ll see how this goes,” Rubins said.

Returning to Mission Control, NASA Aviation Director Sebulan Scoville shows a red and white Christmas sports coat and a flight console covered with shiny necklaces and other decorations. “I know you’re challenging. Am I telling you to embellish Mission Control?” The challenge was accepted, ”Scoville said. “I may have to cut this coat and do something new later.”

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Meanwhile, Glover shows some fancy socks with pictures of his family in a video. “My family on the court is definitely in my thoughts and prayers and in my socks,” Glover said. “But it reminds me of everyone who can’t celebrate the holidays with family.”

Glover sends a special thank you to members of the military and health services who work hard to keep the public safe during the holidays. “We hope you will use this opportunity to celebrate the holidays before turning the calendar into a New Year with new hopes and joys in the future,” Noguchi concluded.


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