The Army says it fired warning shots at a British ship in the Black Sea

The Army says it fired warning shots at a British ship in the Black Sea

According to the government RussianOn Tuesday, a Su-24 aircraft and several ships issued a warning against a British ship in the Black Sea. Information immediately denied by the British Army.

Since May UK Two ships were deployed in the Black Sea: a destroyer with anti-aircraft missiles and an anti-submarine frigate. The Royal Navy strategically brought them closer to Crimea. A “hot” area as closely monitored by the Russian navy. This deployment aims to show the solidarity of the United Kingdom
I am from Ukraine.

Russian version

The Russian Defense Ministry quoted news agencies as saying that British destroyers had entered Russian territory in the Black Sea. “Destroyer [britannique HMS Defender] He was warned that weapons would be used if he violated the Russian border. He did not respond to a request for comment. The same source says that a Russian “border patrol ship” and therefore “fire warning shots” and a Su-24M aircraft carried out a “precautionary bombing in the path of the British destroyer”.

The British ship left Russian waters and the incident ended on Wednesday afternoon in Moscow, which lasted more than 20 minutes. The event comes ahead of the Sea Breeze 2021 disaster (June 28 to July 10), which includes the United States, other NATO countries and Ukraine in the Black Sea, and Moscow is taking a very negative view.

UK version

But this version of events is far removed from the British Army. No warning was issued against HMS Defender. According to international law, the Royal Navy ship passes innocently through Ukrainian territory, ”the British Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter.

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According to a June 10 Royal Navy statement, the suspicious ship, the HMS Defender, was in the area for a NATO exercise and had “temporarily detached itself from the Task Force to carry out its own missions” in the Black Sea.

The British Embassy called for a military attachment

Russian agencies report that the Russian Defense Ministry issued the summons following the issuance of a military attachment summons by the British Embassy in Moscow. The incident took place in Crimea, a Ukrainian peninsula occupied by Russia in March 2014, where there is a naval base that has been the cause of many incidents in the past.

Clashes with planes or ships on Russian borders are not uncommon, especially during times of tension with the West, but the application of warning shots is the first of its kind.

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