The Argentine president was furious with Dagnoni. Italian teams don’t compete in Italy?


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If this weekend’s council approves the federation’s decision to hand the women’s Giro d’Italia and the under-23 Giro d’Italia to RCS Sport from 2024, all organizers (apart from RCS Sport, obviously) will be in a quandary. Take some initiative for their protection. This is confirmed by the Argentine Moreno, who describes the events in which he was the hero with his colleagues.

«We the organizers have committed ourselves to the federation – says – Because the league could not function structurally, I myself initiated the appeal, which resulted in being placed into receivership.».

In light of the developments in the story, you regret it.

– No. We agreed with Dagnoni that the League had to be restructured, a path that had been completely abandoned after the Irish Commissions affair.

– what happen?

– I am afraid that people are more interested in solving personal problems than serving the interests of the movement. We agreed to think together about the calendar, the racing, and a long silence before discovering that everything had changed.

What idea did you get?

To be honest, the tastiest morsel on the Italian calendar today has to be said to be the giro don. RCS Sport, after years of rejecting him, now wants him. There are two problems. The first is that a contract to be disregarded existed with the infringer. Second, thanks to that tidbit all organizers (except RCS Sport) will get help with their races.

– What is included in the contract with Infant?

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In June, as far as I know, Infront had met the federation asking for an extension of the women’s tour concession. Alternatively, he would invest in the Giro Under-23s, whose concession expired this year, and build all the races on the Italian calendar in tandem with Rai. So the decision was to wait for the announcement after the summer. If the announcement is not made, if Gazzetta intends to give the Giro delle Donne, the entire scaffold of the contract is lost, taking away from the organizers the security of the production of the images..

But the announcement must be made…

I don’t know what will happen. But it is clear that this would be an extremely hostile step for us, because we would be completely exposed on television, because we would find an unreliable interlocutor in the federation to which we had entrusted ourselves..

No more institutional involvement in the league, what are you going to do?

I hope that all this, which has been talked about for a while, will make the federation and the Italian organizers behave properly. Otherwise we will have to protect ourselves in all places.

It has been said that Italian teams will not be invited to your matches…

Yes. On the other hand, if the Italian federation is jeopardizing our business, why should we invite its professional and continental teams. We own invitation-only rides, so we invite whoever we want. If the federation decides to act in this way, we will act accordingly.

The situation is serious. Rai stands by the window. Infront is prepared to defend itself in legal fora. On the eve of the new season, the organizers’ uncertainty threatens their very existence. It is very difficult to imagine Italian races without Italian teams, and the possibility that some organizers will lay down their arms is real and will be another devastating blow to the Italian cycling movement.

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One last thing: a meeting with Argentina has been called President Dagnoni: «He didn’t answer me – says the former world champion – When I met him by chance this morning in Bergamo, he referred me to the Lega commissioners and greeted me.».

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