The American politician invites Elon Musk to go to Wyoming

The American politician invites Elon Musk to go to Wyoming

Now Tesla has invested in Bitcoin and welcomes Elon Musk to move to Wyoming. That is, if U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis. Lummis is a strong supporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and wants to make Wyoming a crypto-friendly state.

The best rules for digital currency

Yesterday, Cynthia Lummis personally addressed the CEO of Tesla: “Hey Elon Musk, I hear that Wyoming is one of the most crypto-friendly states in this country, and that state has the best rules for digital currency in the United States. Ever thought of moving? ‘

A spokeswoman for Cynthia Lummings said in an interview with Abigail Cave Cointilegraph that Wyoming has developed pro-Wyoming cryptocurrency regulations. These restrictions should promote innovation and participation in the world of digital currencies.

Guha: “Tesla is mindful of innovation and is delighted to see this American success story recognizing the value of digital currencies. If Elon Musk or companies ever need a new home, they can’t find a better place than Wyoming. ”

Republican Scindia Lummis was elected Senator earlier this year and has been a member of the Senate Banking Committee since last week. An important task is that this governing body has control over US banks and monetary policy. So her election to the Senate is good news for those who want to see the strict control of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the United States.

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The most crypto friendly place in America

Back to Wyoming, many blockchain companies want to establish themselves in this state of friendly heart control. Wyoming allowed in September Crypto Exchange Crack is a banking license, Are now allowed to provide banking services to their customers.

In October Avanti, a crypto company, was pursued with a banking license. Avanti wants custody of Avit, a tokenized version of the US dollar.

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