The ambassador said Russia would withdraw its naval exercise off the Irish coast

The ambassador said Russia would withdraw its naval exercise off the Irish coast

Dublin (Reuters) – Russia’s ambassador to Ireland said on Saturday that Russia would not hold a naval exercise next week in the international waters off the Irish Sea at the request of the Irish government.

Ireland was informed last week that the exercises would take place within their exclusive economic zone, 240 kilometers off the southwest coast, but not within its local waters, which is permissible under international law.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coweny said the plans were not welcome, especially at a time when the U.S. and other Western allies feared that more than 100,000 troops would prepare to invade Ukraine along Russia’s border.

Ambassador Yuri Filatov said in a statement that the decision to change naval exercises was a “goodwill gesture” for Russian, Dublin and Irish fishing groups, with no plans to invade the neighboring country.

Coweny took to Twitter to welcome the response.

Some Irish fishermen have said they planned to fish in the area near the Russian military training ground as part of the protest.

(Reported by Padrick Halpin)

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