The amazing series on the life of Jesus can be found in C8

The amazing series on the life of Jesus can be found in C8

This Monday, December 20th, C8 launches a new American series, Selected, The life of Christ, reciprocated by the generosity of viewers around the world, is revived.

What better time than Christmas to broadcast a series about the life of Jesus? On Mondays, December 20, at 9:15 pm, there will be eight episodes of the first season, with a selection of programs on C8. Selected. An amazing myth that tells the story of Christ. Beginners will recognize important events in the life of Jesus and those around him, including Mary Magdalene and his disciples Simon, Matthew or Andrew. Others will find a historic dive that starts in Capernaum, a small fishing village on the northwest shore of Lake Tiberias. As mentioned at the beginning, the series “It is based on the narration of the Gospels. Some places and events are sometimes put together. Facts, characters, and dialogues are added. However, biblical and historical contexts are ideal for copying these narratives.”

Who is Jonathan Rumi, the commentator on Jesus in the series? Selected?

Seventeen years later Jim Cavicell The passion of Christ, Is a film by Mel Gibson Jonathan Rumi One who has the heavy task of incarnating Jesus. After the appearance of lightning in series like Fort, NCIS Where Good wife, The 47-year-old American actor, who was born to an Egyptian father and an Irish mother, has moved away from traditional circuits. There he found his first important role, not in his first attempt at this category: he had previously given his features to Christ in various religious projects. Selected.

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260 million views worldwide

After being a pilot in 2017, thanks to the mobilization of spectators from all over the world, we were able to see the light of day for this strange creation. It was actually funded through a system of donations that raised more than $ 10 million for Season 1, which launched in 2019 through a dedicated application. Since then, it has been viewed by more than 260 million people worldwide. The first season of Selected In Texas, the village of Capernaum was filmed in a recreated studio. For Season 2, the team moved to Utah and enjoyed the arrangements that mimicked the city of Jerusalem.

If it deviates from the classic production and distribution plans, Selected The production of the series does not deviate from the traditional codes: its creator, Dallas Jenkins, even plans to dismiss the story in seven seasons and on December 1 offered his fans a special Christmas episode. Selected Added to the list of series related to religion, more and more today Young pope In the canal + at Messiah And Sticell On Netflix, by the way In the name of the Father And The In Art.

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