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The air leak in the space station causes the crew to wake up in the middle of the night

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A small air leak at the International Space Station was finally found on the Russian side following a midnight search by astronauts.

NASA said two Russians and an American on board the plane woke up on Monday evening to seal the gap between the compartments and search for existing leaks.

This is the third time in a month that the crew has been isolated on the Russian side in an attempt to detect a rising leak.

This time instead of the leak getting bigger, a temporary temperature change caused the cabin air pressure reading to be incorrect, NASA says. The leak was first discovered a year ago.

NASA officials say the leak is minor and not dangerous.

Astronauts will now use leak detectors to accurately detect leaks in Russia’s main living and working compartment.

Kenny Todd, deputy program manager at the space station, said, “The good news is that instead of a bunch of hosts, we’re going down to a lawn.”

But he added: “This is an index we are still looking for.”

NASA, which plans to launch from Virginia on Thursday, is sending additional air supply tanks for the next space station launch. Todd said the space station should be fine until next spring, so that the leak does not get worse.

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In two weeks, two Russians and an American will arrive at the space station, followed by three Americans and a Japanese. The second space launch of SpaceX is now targeted for October 31st.

At a news conference from Houston, Commander NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins announced that the SpaceX capsule will be called Resilience to reflect how the world is facing this year’s challenges.

“We hope it puts a smile on your face, and we hope it gives you something good in your life. To be very clear, we hope this is an inspiration, ”Hopkins said of the name and the mission.

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