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The 6 Happiest Jobs! Understand why you should invest in them

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Money doesn’t buy happiness, but doing something that makes us happy and gives us a sense of purpose can make us happier. There are some professions that allow this feeling more than others.

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Forbes recently listed the occupations that inspire the most happiness among its respondents. The list comes from a survey conducted by the University of Chicago that surveyed more than 27,000 Americans.

the priest

Acting with faith and communicating the words you believe to others and transforming them in a specific way gives more results happiness For those who choose to work in the church. Also, religious people have the opportunity to help people in need every day.


Saving lives is a noble act. Despite the hardships and physical fatigue, in addition to the risks involved, firefighters consider themselves happy, according to the survey.


Helping someone who has gone through trauma or surgery get back to normal life can be very rewarding. Physical therapists scored highly on the survey, indicating that the profession brings a lot of purpose and gratitude.


Teaching others nurtures dreams, transforms realities, and inspires talent. Not surprisingly, teachers are on this list. The special education teacher is separate and carries an even greater sense of purpose.


Mental health workers also save lives. It can take people out of abusive situations, restore self-esteem and open their eyes to the realities of patients, whether good or bad. This activity is usually very satisfying for psychologists.

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Financial broker

While many made the list for the fulfillment that employment brings, others made it for the paycheck. In case of brokers, high income and a routine They scored better on the survey because they were more flexible.

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