The 400-meter-old ‘armored’ fish may, as we know, change the history of sharks

The 400-meter-old 'armored' fish may, as we know, change the history of sharks

The 410-million-year-old fossil record of an armored fish has completely changed history Sharks, According to a newly published study.

The so-called fish Minchinia turgenesis, There was a skeleton made of bones, and sharks now contain more, as opposed to cartilage, except teeth. Fossilized skulls found in Mongolian mountains

“It was a very unexpected discovery,” said Martin Brazau, the study’s lead author Statement. “Traditional wisdom says that the internal skeleton of a shark is a unique invention of a species that separated from the shark’s ancestor 400 million years ago, but there is clear evidence of a skeleton’s inner skeleton in a cousin of both sharks, ultimately.”

Virtual 3D model of the brain case of Minigenia turgenesis generated from CT scan. Inset shows raw scan data. (Attribution: Imperial College London)

Bigger white sharks than previously thought, the study says

It is possible M. Turgenesis Larger than white, some members of the placodem (jawbone) species can grow up to 30 feet or more in length. Bracio noted that this is a hunter.

even though M. Turgenesis It is believed to be much smaller than today’s whale sharks and about 1 foot long white, which has had a huge impact, the researchers said, adding that sharks once had a bone and lost it.

In addition to a skeleton containing bones, there were bones above the head and shoulders that acted as shields, which Brazio described as “extensive armor” while swimming in the ancient oceans.

This finding adds further credibility to the theory that endocondral bone sharks, which make up human skeletons after birth, played a major role in evolution and helped to survive and adapt for more than 400 million years.

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“If sharks have lost their bones and lost it, it could be an evolutionary adaptation,” Brazio added. Water and swimming at different depths.

“It may have helped sharks become one of the first global fish species to spread to the oceans around the world 400 million years ago,” Brazio explained.

The study was published in the journal Science Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Megalodon Discovery: Scientists reveal the true scale of the giant shark

Scientists continue to study more about the history of sharks that survived all five events of global extinction.

Researchers in February Found A species of large white that inhabits the Mediterranean for about 3.2 million years, much larger than previously thought by experts.

Megalodon from prehistoric 3D imagery (Credit: Icestock)

Megalodon from prehistoric 3D imagery (Credit: Icestock)
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Megalodon may be the largest living shark, about 60 feet long Extinction Smaller and more dynamic cousin, thank you for overcoming the big white guy.

Other theories suggest that Megalodon Killed The star that exploded about 2.6 million years ago.

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