The 4.5 billion year old asteroid can decode the formation of the Earth Latest News 24 Hours – Read Lao Dong Newspaper Online

The 4.5 billion year old asteroid can decode the formation of the Earth  Latest News 24 Hours - Read Lao Dong Newspaper Online

NASA Cho Hay Small planet The answer to how the earth came into being is 4.5 billion years old.

If you are interested in the various celestial objects currently in space and our solar system, this recent post NASA Can attract you on Instagram.

For rock sampling, the spacecraft examined the potential locations of the asteroid Bennu. Photo: NASA

The NASA Post explains how the Osiris-Rex spacecraft returned to Earth five years after collecting samples from the ancient asteroid Bennu.

Details of experiments performed so far using rock samples taken from NASA, referring to the ancient asteroid The asteroid hit It is 4.5 billion years old. Note to learn more about this asteroid may cause you many questions and excitement.

“Stop: A 4.5 billion year old asteroid passes by! നിങ്ങൾ You see the original image of Bennu’s asteroid taken from the NASOLARISTIC’s #OSIRISRex spacecraft.

“Samples will return to our own planet in 2023, where they will be taken to NASA’s Johnson and distributed to laboratories around the world, allowing scientists to study the formation of the solar system. Earth Became a habitable planet. We will save 75% of the sample for future generations to do research on undiscovered technologies! ”- NASA adds post with Bennu’s asteroid.

NASA spacecraft collects rock samples on the asteroid Benu.  Photo: NASA
The Osiris-Rex spacecraft collects rock samples from the asteroid Benny. Photo: NASA

The NASA post shared on May 12 received over 1.7 million likes and countless comments. While many people are shocked to see the ancient asteroid, others have many questions about this asteroid.

“What does Ben mean?” – Someone asked. NASA replied: “In 2013, a nine-year-old boy from North Carolina won the asteroid naming contest. Michael Pusio succeeded in suggesting that the weapons and solar panels of the spacecraft’s induction and movement mechanism (TAGSUM) resembled the neck and wings of Bennu’s illustration – often portrayed by the ancient Egyptians as a gray heron. Bennu is a god Ancient Egypt It is related to the sun, creation and rebirth ”.

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“Rub! This is so much fun,” another commented. “I can not wait to learn more about Bennu,” one Netizen wrote.

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