The 2022-23 NHL Season and Technologies Making it More Exciting

The National Hockey League is among the oldest sports leagues in the world, founded on the 26th of November 1917. It started its inaugural season in 1917/1918, and its headquarter is located at 1185 6th avenue, New York City. The League is in North America, consisting of 32 teams, where 25 are in the United States, and seven are in Canada. 

Currently, the NHL is the fifth wealthiest professional sports league in the world according to revenue. The Montreal Canadiens club has won the most (25 titles); the current champion is Colorado Avalanche. It has gained as much popularity as playing casino games in those days.

Looking at the 2022/23 ongoing season, we can see the Boston Bruins team at the top of the Eastern Conference standings with 80 points and fourteen points difference from the team below them. Getting into the playoffs might be on the cards for the Bruins.   

On the other hand, the Dallas Stars team is sitting at the top of the Western Conference with 64 points and one point difference from the team below. Unfortunately, there are still more games to be played in the League, so we can’t decide who will play in the playoffs for the Stanley cup. 

As the season is still ongoing, many technologies are making the season more exciting. Continue reading our article below for the list of the technologies we are about to give you their details.  

NHL and AWS Face-Off Probability Stats

The AWS face-off probability stats technology was released earlier this year, making the 2022-23 season more enjoyable. The stats, created by the NHL in conjunction with Amazon Web services, helps to determine the odds of each player in the circle winning the upcoming face-off.

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This technology marks the start of a change in the way people look at hockey statistics. It works in a way that provides a percentage chance of which team will come away with the puck a second before the linesman drops it. 

As the NHL Executive Vice President said, hockey is a series of many events leading up to an outcome, where the face-off has been a critical component. 

Player and Puck Tracking Technology

The player and Puck Tracking technology is another technology that has been making the NHL 2022-23 season more exciting. For a few years, coaches have had access to puck and layer tracking technology, but the fans and television outlets are now getting full access this season. The 32 arenas now have 14 to 16 infrared cameras that track sensors in pucks and jerseys of players throughout each game. 

These track sensors generate data for teams, fans, and media. In addition, this technology helps coaches to improve their pre-game tactics and their training programs. Finally, for every bettor, it opens up fresh betting opportunities and provides media outlets alongside exciting stats. 

Digitally Improved Dashboards

The Digital Improved Dashboards is another technology helping the NHL 2022-23 season be more exciting. It allows broadcasters to replace and erase advertisements digitally on all boards visible to the camera and replace them with their own. The technology brings never been seen dynamic, market-specific, and target advertising to the League, adding value for all advertisers. 

There are five different zones, one in the neutral zone and one beyond each net, where they will be fed specifically to each team. One of the feeds is for the rest of the world, and a clean feed for local partners. 

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In-Venue Video

In-Venue video makes the 2022-23 NHL season exciting. Other sports leagues use it, making it one of the best technologies in the industry. In addition, highly qualified videos and TV capture every moment during a game. It enables fans watching the live action to enjoy the game and watch replays.   


The Metaverse is another technology helping the NHL’s ongoing season. Metaverse is a persistent, online 3D universe combining multiple virtual spaces. Users can work, game, meet, and socialize. 

NHL is dipping its collective toes in the Metaverse. While the Kings were playing with volumetric capture technology, the St. Louis Blues experienced their first metaverse shopping.   

Home Broadcasts

Home broadcast is another technology the 2022-23 NHL season has been using, making it more exciting. This technology helps households communicate in and to the house, enabling users to successfully broadcast messages from their phones to their assistant-enabled home devices or from one home device to the other. 

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