The 20 richest countries in the world

The 20 richest countries in the world

The richest economy in the world is the US, followed by China. When it comes to gross domestic product (GDP) at least. On the other hand, if the gross domestic product is divided by population, the USA ranks fifth and China ranks 59th behind the richest countries in the world. Which countries are ahead in terms of per capita GDP – Travelbook provides an overview.

The richest country in the world can be selected based on various criteria. One possibility is to use the overall size of the economy or the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) as a parameter. Although this method is the most important indicator of a country’s economic performance, it says very little about population growth. Per capita GDP is the economic performance of a country in terms of population.

GDP per capita is crucial in this ranking – it is “StatemanThe published data is based on the analysis of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They are related to the year 2020 and were published in October 2021. Which is the richest country in the world by this level – Travelbook shows the top leaders in the per capita GDP rankings.

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The three richest countries in the world

Luxembourg is the richest country in the world, with the highest income and lowest unemployment rate, with a per capita GDP of $ 116,921. This puts it far ahead of the smaller European state, with a gap of $ 87,366.6 per second to Switzerland, at $ 30,000 per capita. Ireland is the third largest tax haven in the world with $ 85,205.5 per resident, second only to Switzerland.

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Germany is in the top 20

Germany’s per capita GDP in 2020 was $ 46,216. This makes the Federal Republic the 17th richest country in the world. For comparison: Germany secures about $ 3.8 trillion in GDP by 2020 Fourth place The richest countries in the world.

The 20 richest countries in the world in terms of per capita GDP

  1. Luxembourg: 116.921,11
  2. Switzerland: 87,366.6
  3. Ireland: 85,205.5
  4. Norway: 67,326.07
  5. USA: 63.358.49
  6. Denmark: 61,153.92
  7. Singapore: 59,794.6
  8. Island: 59.643.09
  9. Qatar: 54,184.97
  10. Australia: 52,905.4
  11. Netherlands: 52,456.09
  12. Sweden: 52,129.13
  13. Finland: 48,786.03
  14. Austria: 48,592.71
  15. Hong Kong (SAR): 46,657.2
  16. San Marino: 46,282.47
  17. Deutschland: 46,215,6
  18. Belgium: 44,688.46
  19. Israel: 44.181,17
  20. Canada: 43,294.8
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