The 12-year-old set a new world record of 5km at his age

The 12-year-old set a new world record of 5km at his age
Photo: Willowfield Harriers / Keepfitterland

A young Belfast athlete just 12 years old, she set a new world record for runners with a time of 16 minutes 40 seconds and a distance of 5 km.

To run A race that also led to the return of street racing in Northern Ireland, Emer McKee, who is also a member of the club Willowfield Harriers A student at Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College, Belfast Parkourns, Finally joined a racing club when he was 9 years old.

However, three years later In a race that did not start well, he fell and suffered multiple injuries to both knees, Emer McKee won the women’s 5km historic event Royal Royal By 16m40.

In the first attempt, he covered 50 km in 42,195 km.

“Normally, I run as fast as I can until the end of the race.”, Emer to the utterly unarmed stated BBC Radio Ulster.

The time of the Irish woman will be more remarkable if we take it into account The previous 5km record for athletes of this age was 17m16, set by Annabella Velcheva in March 2017., In a match in Florida, USA.

Claims to be “very proud”, Emer’s mother Catherine argued in the statement Irish News, It’s training [de Emer] Started. For the past few months, she has only stopped training while in prison.

Catherine also remembers her daughter returning to competitions,In October, she ran 14m47 at the Dominion Royal. She said it was only six seconds from the world record of an 11-year-old boy., She decided to win as soon as she turned 12 years old. Unfortunately, that was in December, when there were no matches.

For the rest and to anticipate the result now receivedA few weeks ago, in 1637, Emer ran 5 km around Victoria Park. She is very determined and has worked hard for this. Now she is happy.

However, it should be added that Emer is not the only one enjoying it. The club and school where Gaelic football was played did not fail to pay his respects The 12-year-old set a new world record of 5km.

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