The 10 Most Beautiful Excursions in Ireland – Escapes

The 10 Most Beautiful Excursions in Ireland - Escapes

Dublin – From County Antrim to Galway, from Mayo to Cork, there is a vast and varied network of hiking trails that allow you to discover the most beautiful corners of Ireland. Here’s a selection of the 10 most beautiful walks to do with your camera or smartphone, ready to be immortalized as travel postcards.

Causeway Costway It is considered one of the finest coastal trails in Europe: a 53-mile[53 km]gorge between strangely rocky outcrops, the famous Giant’s Causeway, between Port’soutwort and Balicasil in Antrim County. For a short excursion, the road from Port Balintre to Causeway is always very nice.

In County Galway Diamond Hill There is a 7 km loop inside the magnificent Konemara National Park. The trail takes the visitor to the top of a mountain, which gets its name from the glow of light reflected on its rocky surface. The view from the top is beautiful with the ocean on one side and the Twelve Ben Mountains on the other.

Tracks in the hills facing Belfast Divis e Black Mountain Ridge They are up to 7 km long and offer beautiful hiking trails, even in the counties of Ulster and Scotland. The trails pass through a patchwork of pastures, ridges, wildlife and archeological remains.

Wicklow County is an ancient monastery Glendlow It offers 9 paths of different lengths and difficulty. Two, in particular, is the best climb to see everything the area has to offer, including great views of the mountain lakes: the 9km long Spink Ridge and the Glenello Valley Trail.

Offers the highest peak in the Morne Mountains in County Down Sleeve DonardYou can reach the top by walking 5 km. The path passes through forests, open hills and waterfalls. The reward for a long climb is a spectacular view of the sea.

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Sleevemore loop It is one of the trails of Achilles Island, a rugged island in Mayo County, where much of the landscape remains the same as it was centuries ago. The track is 4.5 km long and on the way passes a megalithic tomb, an ancient cemetery and an empty village.

Known locally as the “ladder to heaven.” Quillcog Legnabrocky Trial This is a trek through a wooden board that runs through the desert of Mount Quilkog in Fermanagh County. You reach the peak through an area with a geographical history of eight million years, with a spectacular view of Lake Fermanagh.

The By Cavan The 26-kilometer route is ideal for a day trip to Hidden Heartland, a pristine land in the heart of Ireland. The track starts from the village of Doura and continues through the country lanes and quiet roads until you reach the magical Shannon Bowl, the source of the majestic Shannon River.

In County Cork Balicotton Cliff Walk This is a coastal road that stretches for 8 km from Balikotan village to Ballandrin Beach. During the multi-step journey, the suggested panoramic angles can be appreciated.

In Karantuh, In County Kerry, is a very challenging trek with spectacular views, including the central peak of the McGilligudis Reichs, the highest mountain in Ireland. It takes 4 to 6 hours to reach the top, but the incredible view of Killarney Lakes is worth the effort.

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