The[트윗시황] “Bitcoin Open Interest Near All-Time Highs…There Will Be Big Volatility”

The[트윗시황] “Bitcoin Open Interest Near All-Time Highs…There Will Be Big Volatility”

The1. Former Ripple Developer Matt Hamilton: BTC (Bitcoin) was innovative and demonstrated artificial digital scarcity. But now, other virtual assets are driving new innovation

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On the same day, Hamilton also noted that all new developments, innovations and business models for virtual assets are being built on chains other than BTC.

2. Virtual Asset Analyst Dylan LeClair: Open interest in BTC (Bitcoin) futures is near an all-time high of 604,000 BTC. Whether rising or falling, there will be big moves.

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Next, LeClaire explained, “Based on funding costs, the status quo is not biased up or down, I did.

3. BNB Chain: Abnormal activity detected and BSC suspended. We apologize for the inconvenience and further progress will be communicated through official Twitter.

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According to CoinDeskUS, the incident was caused by a ‘vulnerability attack’ discovered in on-chain data. The exact attack method etc is not yet known, but it seems to have affected the BNB token. The attacker who stole the virtual assets is known to have cashed out 1 million BSC twice on BNB Chain Token Hub.

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