That secret phone call with Camilla scares Prince Charles today

That secret phone call with Camilla scares Prince Charles today

A phone conversation between the British prince and Charles’ secret friend Camilla still haunts Prince Charles.

That was in 1989 … when Prince Charles was living with his wife Diana and Camilla and her husband Andrew Parker Bowles. One day Prince Charles and Camilla are secretly talking on the phone, unaware of the fact that their call is being secretly recorded … To tell Camilla that I can not start my week without you, Charles replies a little closer. The two continue to talk privately and plan where and when to meet next.

When that phone call came out later, not only the palace, but Nadi also trembled. Charles’ wife, Diana, said Cole was disgusting.

But in 1989 he was caught up in another phone call with James Gillobe. The world heard after Diana told James that Charles was turning his life into a living hell and that she was feeling anxious and empty and that James was hugging Diana as my beloved darling.

But although Diana and Charles split up, Camilla and Andrew separated, and Charles and Camilla later got married, his friend Howard Hodgson said, adding that the phone call he made with Camilla at the time still frightened Prince Charles.

Hodgson said Charles was still ashamed of his mother’s insult to the Queen and was deeply saddened by the pain his children and Camilla’s children had suffered.

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