That search for the presence of extraterrestrial life failed; Because this is it!

That search for the presence of extraterrestrial life failed;  Because this is it!

NASA, first published August 8, 2021, 6:54 AM IST

NaA setback for Zoe’s Perseverance Rover. The search for the presence of extraterrestrial life failed. Scientists have speculated that such evidence could be found in rocks on the surface of Mars. However, the rover failed in its first attempt to collect rock samples for scientists’ analysis and future missions.

The U.S. space agency published images of a hole in the center of a small hill, but its first attempt to collect a sample and put it into a tube failed. Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s Associate Administrator in the Directorate of Science Mission, said in a statement that the rock was not collected when it was scrutinized.

Scientists say the effort will continue and that the rover will not back down from its mission of opening the surface and collecting rock. The mission began with the aim of searching for traces of ancient microorganisms that may have been preserved in ancient stones. The ongoing drill hole was the first step in a sample process that is expected to take 11 days. Scientists hope to better understand the geology of Mars through this mission.

Scientists believe there was a deep lake in the crater now 3.5 billion years ago. NASA hopes that this will leave evidence of extraterrestrial life. NASA plans to bring about 30 samples back to Earth by 2030. Scientists are trying to analyze the rover itself with more advanced equipment than can currently be brought to Mars.

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