Thai Zoo Celebrates Hippopotamus’ 55th Birthday

Thai Zoo Celebrates Hippopotamus' 55th Birthday

Visitors and staff at the Khao Kyo Open Zoo in Thailand gathered today to celebrate the 55th birthday of May Mali, a Hippopotamus resident, with a special cake made with colorful tropical fruits and vegetables.

Mae Mali, who translates Mother Jasmine from Thai as the oldest hippopotamus in the country, bore fruit as the audience sang her happy birthday.

Hippopotamuses usually have a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years.

“May Mali is now a grandmother. We care a lot about her health, diet and environment. May Mali can no longer reproduce as she gets older, but we will take care of her a lot so she can become one of the longest living hippopotamuses in the world,” said the zoo’s director.

Khao Kyov says the 55-year-old hippopotamus has given birth to several children at a young age and her 21 children and grandchildren can be found at other zoos across the country.

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