TG News’s successful tour of half of Europe

TG News's successful tour of half of Europe

The program included the Vienna Marathon, the cross-country championships in Grabunten, Switzerland, and the 19th Konemara Ultra Marathon in Galway / Ireland.

During their “European Tour”, TG Neuss’ runners stopped at the 58th Bullfighting Race in the Swiss wine-growing village of Zizers, which was considered the Grabunten Canton Cross-Country Championship. On a demanding route with an altitude of 124 meters, Oliver Odenthal finished second in the runners’ class over 40 in twelve kilometers in 1: 03.41 hours.

At the 39th Vienna City Marathon in Vienna, Belinda Wilk and Thomas Sturm competed in the Half Marathon alone, the largest sport in the Alpine Republic with over 9,300 participants. In 1: 44.03 hours, Belina Wilke won the W60 age group unexpectedly. She finished 213th out of 3,425 women. Her son Richard Wilke (Achener TG), 33rd out of 5930 men, finished 15th in the M30 age group in 1: 17.15 hours, improving his best time in the half marathon by more than 2:30 minutes. With an average of 5:52 minutes per kilometer, Thomas Sturm clocked 2: 04.00 hours (274 on the M55).

Meanwhile, ultra-runner Simon Dury participated in the Konemara International Ultra Marathon for the sixth time in Galway / Ireland. The lap is 39.3 miles, which is 600 meters and equals 63.247 kilometers. When the time was recorded for the first time after a distance of 21.082 km in the half marathon, Simon Dury’s clock stood at 1: 51.46 hours. She is fourth in women after the first of three periods. For the second time in 42.165 km, the woman from News completed the second half marathon with the same speed (1: 54.25) as in the first half. The marathon time was 3: 46.11 hours. She needed 1: 59.34 hours for the third category, resulting in a total of 5: 45.45 hours and was ranked 27th with 136 starters. Duri, the third fastest of the 26 women, summed it up: “I can not run through this beautiful loop in the mountains of Konamara. Overall it went very well for me, although my legs felt a little heavy the whole time. In my memory, the mountains were not as steep as the last three, so I narrowed everything down to a very long climb, ‘walling’ at the end of the race. However, the 63.3km in Konemara was again very interesting to me. – sit down

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