Tessie who closed like that

Tessie who closed like that

Yesterday – TQQ in Waris: Tris 1-13-9, 28 winners 0 260.14; Quart 1-13-9-5, 10 winners 1 301.81; Quintin 1-13-9-5-4, NV

France / 1 – Christian Demuro’s shipwreck week after Riyadh trip: He will return to racing on Tuesday, March 2nd. Yesterday’s Gallup at Cognes Sir Mer: Claim (, 000 16,000, m 1300 aw) 3. Julius Caesar; Kanni (€ 23,000, 2,150 m) 7. Kazani. Gallup in Chantilly today: maiden (€ 25,000, 1900m) quiet jungle; Maiden (€ 25,000, m 1900 ava) Lorex, Gordian; Handycap (€ 20,000, m 1900s) Bibi Knife.

France / 2 – Sunday at the conclusion of the Triptich Winter Classics for the Elderly in Vincennes, with Prix de Paris (Group 1, 400,000, m 4150) In addition to Tony Geo (along with Yon Leborjois), sixteen members, including other Italians Walser de Poggio (Nicolas Bosier) and Violeto Jet (Frank Nivard), were initially announced. For Tony Geo, this will be the last match of his career before he returns to Italy for a stallion job.

Sweden – Velocity’s victory for Christian Crociolo (2 in 2021 as driver) in Abby yesterday. Trott to Abby today: Dr. Sheets B-tras Nursery, Omgong 2 (84,800 sec, m 2140) Atlas font; (84,800 seconds, m 2640) Amazon font; P21-loop (43,300 sec, m 2640-2660-2680) Armor Ass.

England / 1 – Gallup in Southwell yesterday: Handicap (5.524 lst, m 1400 aw) 9. Thames.

England / 2 – Some of the BHA’s decisions for the Cheltenham Festival (March 16-19): Changing rooms reserved exclusively for British and Irish jockeys canceled three matches reserved for gentleman riders, who did not return to action until 29 days earlier.

United Arab Emirates – Filled with starters, anticipated by the 14th Regulation, today became a cripple in the 1800m on the field: only the third reserve, so maybe out of the race, wait forever, 6-year-old former FFV now coached by Renato Bruni & partner & Marco Botti.

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United States – said and done: Churchill owns Incorporated Since 1927 the site of the historic Arlington Park Racecourse has been officially put up for sale. The competitions scheduled for this year will take place regularly from late April to late September, but the future of the nearly 100-year-old Chicago facility is now sealed.

Cobra Killer Gar – The 3-year-old Cobra Killer Gar is getting better and better: his third win in three matches in Turin yesterday, but above all he improved the 2018 generation short record he already holds, dropping it from 1.12.8 to 1.12. 3. Cobra Killer Gar is the half-brother of two of the best guards, Shadow and Winsor.

Tessie d – Racing career for Tessie D’It is over (Pictured): Enrico Belle announced this, and recently returned to Florentine, causing him physical problems. The 9-year-old from Ganymede in Euro Color Scaderia is thus taking a break from the tracks, short 1.10.0, average 1.10.3 and long distance 1.11.9. His top 17 victories include his best record, the Diamondsot 2020 final in Sweden, Group 3 in Heraklite 2016, and Periox 2017 in France, all of which are important placements: third in Atlantic 2019, fifth in Paris and 2019 in Ballier.

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