Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ software has been launched to help customers choose

Tesla's 'full self-driving' software has been launched to help customers choose

On Tuesday, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla had sent this week’s select “full self-driving” beta software update to a select group of customers. He said in a revenue call on Wednesday that more Tesla owners will receive updates by the end of the week, with the goal of a “broader release” by the end of the year.

Only users of Tesla’s early access program will receive the software update, which will enable drivers to access the autopilot’s partially automated driver assist system on city streets. The early access program is used as a testing platform to help fix software bugs.

Musk said Tesla was approaching the software update “very cautiously” because “the world is a complex and chaotic place.” In a letter to investors, Tesla said, “The autopilot team is focused on rewriting the basic architecture of our neural networks and control algorithms. This rewrite will allow the remaining driving features to be released. ”

Musk said the modification would allow Tesla’s vehicles to interpret their environment in more than four dimensions, which could lead to significant improvements in performance and faster software updates.

Previously, Musk has described a “Feature Complete” version Full self-driving that enables one to drive a car from one’s home to their work without interference. Drivers should still be prepared to take control in the event of a car accident. Some experts have Taken issue The way Musk has talked about these features in the past, he argues that he is polluting the water beyond the capabilities of a Tesla car.

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The autopilot can center a Tesla on a path, even around curves, and adjust the car’s speed based on the vehicle in front. The “Navigate on Autopilot” feature can guide and exit lanes around slower vehicles, and lead a Tesla to highway interchanges and exits. Another feature A Tesla can be slowed down To stop traffic lights and signs. The company has not yet allowed customers to control the vehicle at medium speeds, which could lead to traffic signals, intersections and other complications.

If the road markers on a road are blurred or lost, the autopilot will not be able to perform some of these tasks and will not be able to make diversions. The driver must always have one hand on the wheel, or several warnings will flash before the autopilot finally completely eliminates it. But when those features work in a concert, it can Feel Like the car is driving itself – but the driver is still liable if the car makes a mistake or breaks down. (There have been several fatal crashes involving autopilot-enabled Tesla vehicles.)

In the call, Musk argued that it belonged to Tesla Self-driving gain There are already 930,000 – large vehicles on the road. Those cars record situations and provide training data to improve the neural networks needed for artificial intelligence software that empowers self-driving cars. The company’s approach to autonomous vehicles is primarily focused on computer vision or cameras – like humans – to identify and understand the world.

“Keep track of the one million cars that give feedback, the feedback on the weird corner situations you can’t even come up with in imitation – it’s really valuable,” Musk said.

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