Tesla’s autopilot misunderstood the moon for a yellow traffic light. Video :: Automatic

Tesla's autopilot misunderstood the moon for a yellow traffic light.  Video :: Automatic

Tesla’s semi-automatic control system misleads the moon in the sky for a yellow traffic light. The statement was made by Twitter user Jordan Nelson. Who made the video? It was handed over to the head of American automaker Elon Musk.

How Specifying Autoweek was equipped with a car that confused the moon with a traffic light Advanced full self-driving system (FSD), which includes technologies for identifying road signs and traffic signals.

However, the video shows that the electronics are responding incorrectly to the moon by sending appropriate signals to the driver to slow down through the infotainment complex. “Hey Elon Musk, you and your team need to see how Luna deceives the autopilot system. The car thinks it’s a yellow traffic light, it’s going to slow down, ‘the car’s owner wrote on Twitter.

Tesla was formerly known as the Engineers Doubt the words of their leader Ilona Musk says the company will launch a fully automatic-controlled car by the end of 2021. In January of this year, Musk said he was more confident in appearance by the end of the year of a system that could drive a car more reliably than one person.

According to experts, Musk’s words do not correspond to reality, so far the so-called full self-driving activity is only compatible with the second level autopilot. This means the driver must always keep his hands on the steering wheel and be ready to take full control at any time.

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