Tesla Roadster and Starman make their first close-up approach to Mars

Tesla Roadster and Starman make their first close-up approach to Mars

Two years and eight months have passed since then Historical event And when interested Roadster Starman’s journey has slowed down a bit, and it’s still remarkable. If you wake up this morning and silently ask yourself while drinking coffee, “Gee, I wonder where Starman is today.” As one does, the answer comes from SpaceX itself: Starman leaps at the sight of the Red Planet. Or done briefly.

“Starman, last seen from Earth, made its first close-up approach to Mars today – within 0.05 astronomical units of the Red Planet, or less than 5 million miles away.” SpaceX said in a recent tweet.

Sure, Starman is not as close to Mars as it used to be, but it’s much closer to Earth than it is now. WhereIsRoadster Website that tracks the progress of the roadster and its pilot. The same source states that if the battery in the roadster was still working, Starman would have noticed it Space Audit 265,533 times a year, and Is there life on Mars? Another 357,794 times.

Starman is a mannequin wearing a prototype of the SpaceX space suit, with another smaller version inside the Hot Wheels Toy Roadster on the dashboard. A data storage device with a copy of Isaac Asimov Foundation The novels include when the two meet aliens on a space trip.

It was a roadster Launched into space In the SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket, there is no specific target. It traveled at a speed of 4,641 miles (7,469 km) and, according to consensus, will continue to move into space until it is destroyed by a collision. If it has not already happened.

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