Tesla, Block, and Blockstream Launch Green Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Farm in Texas

Tesla, Block et Blockstream lancent une ferme de minage de Bitcoin (BTC) écologique au Texas

Green Bitcoin (BTC) mining in Texas

CNBC validated this information as part of the conference Bitcoin 2022 In Miami. American Company Blockstream And community Block Jack Dorsey, formerly known as Square, announces plans Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Farm in Texas.

The main feature is that it only runs on solar power and batteries. Its installation American company Tesla will supportIt is expected to provide 3.8 MW of photovoltaic panels and 12 MW of battery life.

Adam Back, blockstream co-founder and CEO, was interviewed by CNBC at the Miami event. He is a renowned cryptographer and cipherpunk memberMore information about this project is provided:

“People like to discuss the different factors that need to be considered when mining bitcoins. We told ourselves we had to prove it. Let people have an open dashboard to play the game, which may motivate other players to participate.

All mining rig performance information Available live to the public : Energy generation, total number of bitcoins mined, even solar and storage statistics. Adam Black explained that it would be designed Proof of Concept (PoC) For Bitcoin Mining Using 100% Renewable Energy:

“This is a step towards proving our thesis that bitcoin mining can fund Zero Emission Power Infrastructure and build future economic growth. ⁇

For now, We do not yet know the dimensions And the energy performance of the installation, or the mining capacity it sets.

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About everything Bitcoin (BTC) mining

Musk’s mission is to make Bitcoin green

Elon Musk is an ardent protector of the environment and renewable energy. Last May, He was strongly critical of the environmental impact of mining Proof-of-work (PoW), At the same time, Tesla announces that it will no longer accept payments on BTC.

Since then, Tesla’s CEO Bitcoin works to support miners in their environmental transformation. Last year, he held a meeting with North American miners to convince them to share their current and future strategies. Utilization of renewable energies in their operationThey also call on their colleagues around the world to do the same.

Subsequently, this meeting led to the formation of the Bitcoin Mining Council. A tip from bitcoin miners“To promote transparency in energy consumption Accelerate sustainable initiatives around the world .

These thoughts also led Marathon Digital Is committed to achieving carbon neutrality For all its mining sites. The Nasdaq-listed company had announced that it would create a large mining park in Texas, running entirely on renewable energy.

It would seem The future of renewable energy is currently underway in Texas. Bitcoin mining is not in vain, on the contrary. Settled in this area, created by miners Economic incentives around this financially unattractive area. In addition, Elon Musk recently opened his gigafactory at the 900,000-square-meter Tesla factory.

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To go further – Elon Musk is working to make Bitcoin (BTC) mining more green

Source: CNBC

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