Tesla Battery Day: The Biggest Announcements

Tesla Battery Day: The Biggest Announcements

At Tesla’s Battery Day event, CEO Elon Musk made some big announcements: the company’s moves to eliminate cobalt in batteries, a new plaid powertrain capable of achieving 200 mph for the Model AC, and the production of a new cathode plant to make the battery more efficient. Musco said Tesla will build a $ 25,000 car using the latest battery technology.

Musk and other presenters addressing Tesla shareholders in cars parked at a socially distant event toddler event had their horns honored to acknowledge the speaker’s opinion – almost like a drive-in movie / shareholders’ meeting.

Here are the highlights from Tesla’s 2020 Battery Day:

Tesla plans to build its own “tableless” batteries, which will improve the size and power of the vehicles. Musk says the new batteries will be built in-house, which will reduce costs and close the sales price of Tesla electric cars to gasoline-powered cars. Tesla, an important metric used to measure the battery packs of electric vehicles, is expected to reduce its cost per kilowatt hour. The 4860 cells called Tesla Tables Cells (the tab that connects the Tesla cell and the one that strengthens it) are six times more powerful and increase the threshold by 16 percent.

Tesla currently offers its batteries from Panasonic, which is likely to continue for some time to come, but moving home battery production has been on Musk’s to-do list for some time; In 2018, the production delay added a shortage of those cells. Musk said The speed of battery production at Panasonic slowed down the production of the Model 3 and Model Y.

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Musk has been making fun of the plaid powertrain for a while now, which would be on top of its ridiculous model. It can be charged between 520 mph and from 0-60 mph in two seconds to 200 mph. Priced at $ 139,990 on Tesla’s website. Musk had previously noted that a plaid trim level would “cost more than our current offer.” It will be available on the Model A by the end of 2021.

Musk said Tesla will build a new cathode plant for batteries in North America as part of an investigation to reduce supply chain costs and simplify cathode production. This will make improvements in its process and will make the cathodes 76 percent cheaper and the wastewater zero. The company also plans to diversify the cathodes used due to low nickel supply.

We do not know where the new cathode plant will be built, but when it was announced in July that Tesla’s next factory would be in Austin, Texas, Musk said it would consider Tulsa, Oklahoma’s runner – up, for future projects.

Tesla plans to eliminate the use of cobalt in cathodes. Musk said he wanted to eliminate it completely in the past – although Tesla’s existing batteries use very little. Cobalt is often mined Conditions that violate human rights, Led to a motivation to find other materials to replace it.

The company did not provide a timeline mask when it would stop using cobalt, but said it would make the batteries significantly cheaper.

“It’s absolutely crucial that we build cars that people can actually afford,” he said. “It’s affordable for how we scale.”

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Tesla plans to reduce the price of its battery cells and packs with the goal of building an electric car for $ 25,000. He said Tesla’s new “table” battery cells would be used to replace this material, allowing Tesla to halve the cost per kilowatt hour.

This is not the first time Musk has predicted that Tesla will significantly reduce the price of electric cars. He first promised to return 25,000 EVs in 2018, saying it was possible within three years.

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