Tension over expensive recharge is over! For Rs 228, the SIM will work all year round, see what the benefits are

New Delhi: Today we all have two SIMs. We keep the secondary SIM optional and keep recharging to keep it active. But can not be used much. Now you have a secondary SIM, so you need to keep it active. But do not overdo it.

In this case, we tell you a plan in which you will have to spend only Rs 230 and your SIM will be active throughout the year. Please note that this plan belongs to BSNL. So let’s learn how.

BSNL’s plan will help – The company announces a better plan, priced at Rs. This plan comes with a validity of 30 days. This will help keep your SIM active. This plan is a rate cutter. On-net and off-net calls are charged at 20 paise per minute. This plan will help keep your SIM active.

This means you can take someone’s call and avail other services. If you take this plan for one year, you have to pay a total of Rs 228. When it comes to calculations, 19 divided by 12 becomes 228. Note that this plan is not available in all regions. Before recharging in such a situation, find out if it is available in your area.

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If we are talking about other private companies, you will have to spend Rs 50 to Rs 120 to keep your SIM active. If you have a BSNL SIM, you can avail this plan.

We tell you that you will get 3G service in this plan. You will not get 4G service on this. However, the company may soon launch 4G services in the country.

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