Ten percent – Helena Bonham Carter as Cole My Agent in the UK remake of Just About TV

Four seasons, 2015 to 2020, French series Ten percent Found its audience. Broadcast worldwide, including Netflix Ten percent, Will be the subject of a British remake describing the daily life of an artistic agency. Baptized Call my agent, Which will feature Helena Bonham Carter.

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The unfamiliar British actress will present one of these The guests From the series. In the same principle as Ten percent, Call my agent Individuals who perform their own roles in person will be regularly featured – all of which are appropriate for the UK scene, of course. So Helena Bonham Carter could not contain a character Crown (Margaret played Princess in seasons 3 and 4 there).
We can only appreciate this first choice of guest: International standard actress Helena Bonham Carter is the undeniable asset to launch this remake. Now, we know she will have other guests with her: Olivia Williams (Father) Kelly McDonald (The elderly have no country, Train‌sporting).

Another positive information revealed: French filmmaker finds a series of broadcasters for the United Kingdom and Ireland: Amazon Prime Video. Filming is currently taking place in London and will continue until September. The remake is expected to be released in France as well.

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