Tell me how you eat and I will tell you how you invest

Tell me how you eat and I will tell you how you invest

Is there a relationship between traders’ nutrition and their investment choices? CEAT, an organization that brings together technical analysts from financial markets, has launched a research project in collaboration with Italian and international researchers, institutions and universities.

CEAT has been studying financial markets for over thirty years, using algorithms, statistical, quantitative analysis, and graphical models, and implementing artificial intelligence support, behavioral finance, and neuroeconomics.

CEAT President David Bulgerelli explains: “We want to follow the world of finance in this new phase of growth by launching and embracing future challenges. , To analyze how and in what ways the intestinal flora and immune system contribute.

Thanks to Eric Gursi, Associate Professor of Economics, University of the French Riviera, for your partnership with Francesco Papalio, Professor and President of the Italian Institute of Technology’s Senior Researcher in the Neuroscience Area. Joint Professor, Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, University College, Cork, Soyang Q Park, Charita.

More recently, research has turned to the third component, “intestinal microbiota”, and research opena to understand how intestinal nutrition and its interactions with the immune and central nervous system affect risk traders’ risk attitudes. They are more prone to risky behaviors compared to asset managers, rather than those who have a more moderate attitude towards risk. There will also be a public view.

A set of computer tests will be set up during the research on ‘Sociobioma: Motor Food for the Mind’, which will respect the established protocols and standards of experimental and behavioral economics. Participants will face multiple experimental computer sessions.

Biological samples from participants will be collected on site and analyzed by the IPC Microbiome Institute in Cork, Ireland and the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa. Research focuses on the social, neural, and metabolic systems that underlie the human decision-making process, and, scientifically speaking, to discover the relationship between “body and mind”.

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