Television. Five Series to See When Traveling From Your Sofa

Television.  Five Series to See When Traveling From Your Sofa

Au Grand Air: Ann with AE (2017-2019) / Netflix

Summary: Anne Shirley, an orphan, was adopted by a brother and sister to help out on their farm in Avonlia, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Ann With A is an adaptation of a novel by Lucy Madd Montgomery, published between 1908 and 1920. The story takes place in a peaceful Canadian society in the second half of the 19th century. Beyond the beautiful scenery, Ann with AE is pure romanticism. We travel with the lyrical and touching careless attitude of the imaginative and extremely beloved Ann Shirley. Ann With EE is definitely a series that will make you breathe fresh air and touch you on all sides of it.

Available in three seasons on Netflix

but also :

> Games of Thrones: Because not just special effects. Most of the film was shot at OCS in Croatia, Northern Ireland, Spain, Iceland and Morocco / Watch.

> Vikings: This series takes us to the Scandinavian countries… However, 90% of the DoDoor scenes were filmed in Ireland (only a few in Norway or Iceland)! However, landscapes are a must see at first glance, and landscapes are guaranteed to change / view on Amazon Prime

> Country: Go to South Korea with this dramatic zombie series that takes you back to the Joseon era. Featuring beautiful costumes, beautiful temples and stunning landscapes of Korean countryside / View on Netflix / Our review

> Magician: A fantasy series set in Eastern Europe (mainly Hungary) takes you into a dark but beautiful medieval fantasy universe / Watch on Netflix

> West World: For the first two seasons, West World allows you to discover, more importantly, Western times and cowboys, to see in an amusement park / OCS that is bigger and more comfortable than life.

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In space: Dr. Who (since 2005) / BBC One

Summary: The Doctor is a “time lord” who travels through time and space aboard the Tardis ship, often with humans.

We do not present Dr. Who, the oldest British science fiction series launched in 1963. Returning in 2005 after a few decades of absence, this series takes us on a journey through time and space. The aesthetics of the first seasons are often kitsch, but it certainly makes it appealing (even to the recent visual evolutions we like). Travel insurance is available on many planets around the world. Who is the doctor in the “Intergalactic” travel series?

The 12 seasons available on Amazon Prime are broadcast on BBC One

but also :

> Expand: This series is one of the best in science fiction today. Between space opera and geopolitical drama, Expansion is a real gem. The move to Amazon for the fourth season (after the cancellation of Sify) gave it a second wind: the visual quality is incredible (as well as the screenplay). On Amazon Prime / Our review

Urban Walking: Searching (2014-2015) / HBO

Summary: Looking at the daily lives of three gay friends, Patrick, Augustine and Dom, who live in San Francisco.

Looking definitely wants to move you to the West Coast of the United States. San Francisco is best portrayed in this bittersweet series with its very touching and catchy characters. Need to pack our bags?

Two seasons and a TV movie to watch on OCS

but also :

> None Master: To follow Dev Shaw’s daily life in New York, but especially Italy Season Two and Season Three London / Watch Netflix

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> Sherlock: The famous detective is inseparable from the city of London. The BBC series makes him a character of its own. We never get tired! Watch on Netflix

> Killing Eve: As we follow the trail between a serial killer and an agent of MI-5, here is a series that will help you travel through Europe in a very interesting way. Our review

Ambience Road Trip: Lovecraft Country (Depuse 2020) HBO

Summary: Atticus and his friend Letitia and Uncle George set out on a road trip across the United States to find their missing father.

Let us be clear, Lovecraft Country does not give you a simple and carefree road trip. The characters travel to the United States in the 1950s, where African-American racial segregation took place. Heroes can not only survive everyday racism, but also face monsters directly from the universe of author HP Lovecraft. Get off, because the ride will not be easy, far from it …

One season is available at OCS

but also :

> American Gods: For a Rock Roll Road Trip across the United States in the Fellowship of the Gods of Different Cultures and Myths / To See on Amazon / Our Review

A Voucher in Time: The Amazing Mrs. Mycel (from 2017) / Amazon

Summary: When her husband leaves her for her secretary, Midge Mysel, the perfect mother at home, decides to go for stand-up.

New York, 1958. Miriam (Midge) Mysel is a Jewish young woman living in the Upper West, the affluent neighborhood of the Big Apple. We are in the middle of 30 Glorious, so in a very positive and colorful atmosphere, the heroes lead a beautiful lifestyle. The wonderful Mrs. Mysel is a real treat: incredible atmosphere, consistent humor, and gorgeous dresses. Especially season two, a holiday for the whole family in Catskills (appreciated by Dirty Dancing fans). Plus, without Spoiler, the third season will take you on a journey: we’re waiting for the rest!

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Available in three seasons on Amazon Prime Our review

but also :

> Land Ttlander: To Fall in Love with Scotland / Watch on Netflix

> Downtown Abbey: We are no longer presenting this series on British Lords, which is not allowed to watch on Netflix

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