Technology will be part of a pioneering initiative for more than 60 girls to experience science at Antofagasta

Technology will be part of a pioneering initiative for more than 60 girls to experience science at Antofagasta

That’s about it Boot Camp 2021: Girl Leaders at STEM, Made by Ingenuity Presented by Hidden | BHPIt allows participants in 2021 to develop their scientific, technological, social, emotional, entrepreneurial and innovative skills.

With the aim of promoting more jobs STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics for its acronym in English – Is on Girls From the city Antofagasta, Nigo and the hidden | BHP They started First Science and Technology Skills Development Camp Boot Camp 2021: Girl Leaders at STEM.

The application program of more than 130 girls and boys from Antofagasta was considered in a project that is unique and pioneering in this area.

Of these, 65 girls from Class VI to VIII from 20 municipal and subsidized schools were selected as part of the camp, which will include 2021 in robotics, programming, botany, entrepreneurship, innovation and more.

According to data from the application process, 88% of girls said they were unfamiliar with the STEM world, 65% did not know women in the tech world and 35% did not know women engineers.

This is why Ingeniosa yscondida | The BHP points out the need for more girls to be involved in these areas, and given the reality of the country, women still represent less than 34% of researchers, with only 12% graduating from ICT careers and 17% graduating with an engineering degree. Study the data–.

“Changing this figure is significant for Ingenio, but above all, it is women in these fields who are looking forward to greater participation and leadership in the future to show the extent of the potential for STEM-science, technology, engineering and mathematics for girls,” he explains. Ingenioros President: Science and Technology for All, Mitex Laurechia.

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On its part, Elizabeth Cameron, Community Specialist Hides | BHP, “As a company, we & # 39; re very happy to be contributing and promoting the gender agenda in the Antofagasta region with initiatives such as Boot Camp. The horizon is what girls see with a variety of STEM experiences. Not only do they know about technology or science, but they are convinced that they can do great things and fulfill the dreams of an astronaut, researcher, and miner. ”

More girls on STEM

Laricha from the Ingenio organization also explains the importance of focusing on work with girls of this age: “People between the ages of 11 and 14 find it very difficult to change the gender of STEM problems, which is why we need to experience and get to know girls in basic education and to interact closely and scientifically with science and technology. In this way we will open up new avenues and opportunities for girls in the region so that they can see these areas with different eyes and thus open up new possibilities in their future educational decisions ”.

In addition, Escondida | The BHP emphasizes the importance of promoting work with girls, especially in an area based on economic activity related to mining, with a female participation rate of only 12.2 percent – according to preliminary data from the study, led by Forza Laborel de Great Chilean Mining 2021–2030, Mining Competency Council.

By 2025, the BHP has raised the challenge of achieving gender equality in all its activities. As Escondida we work internally and socially to open up a future for the next generation of women. We know this is a long-term path, but we want to be part of the change in mining and empowering more women, of course, in STEM, with the Ingenioza program in Antofagasta, ”Cameron said.

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Upon applying to this boot camp, 86% of the girls who applied for the process thought that their level of knowledge and understanding of STEM could be improved through initiatives such as boot camp.

Ingeniosa program in Antofagasta

Viti in Antofagasta introduced by Escondida | The BHP began this year in the city to work towards a very important goal for the development of the area: to inspire girls and young people on the path of science and technology and to unleash all the female talents that exist in the area.

The program considers 3 milestones: The Science for every festival on February 11th Within the framework of the International Women and Girls Day celebrations promoted by UNESCO. Hundreds of girls, teenagers and the general public from the Antofagasta region and other parts of the country gathered around the workshops to discuss the event with renowned national scientists.

Already from May to October Bootcamp Girls Leaders at STEM, Science and Technology Skills Development Camp.

Finally, the year ends with a celebration dHigh Schools and Colleges Ingenio Week in Antofagasta, the annual Ingenosa Milestone where STEM experience in four seasons and ingenio methodology.

Each station seeks to break a stereotype that alienates girls from science and technology, and supports itself with programmatic suggestions to guide teachers and parents to promote STEM jobs.

In Chile, the festival is now in its fourth edition, bringing together more than 2,000 girls and boys from different parts of the country each year. In the framework of the Ingeniosa Week celebrations and the conclusion of the 2021 Boot Camp, with the support of Escondida | In October, BHP will host a local edition of the festival, developing workshops and discussions for local girls.

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