Technology | Podcast | Post Apocalypse 47 47 Politicize Technology – El Salto

Technology |  Podcast |  Post Apocalypse 47 47 Politicize Technology - El Salto

I belong to a small flock of people who are sensitive to landscape. Very impressive. So I will add my verses on this walk through the world of poetry in our beloved country of Argentina. I have always thought, in which I agree with Andalusian and Antonio Machado, it does not matter in terms of name.

He fully defined all the destinies and paths that popular poets follow or want to follow, while in those verses he aims well for thinkers, viewers and ministries.

Until people sing
Sentences, not sentences

When people sing,
No one knows the author anymore.
Confirm your versesGo to town to stop,
Even if they end up being yours
From others.
That is, by melting the heart in the popular spirit,
Lost in name
Gaining eternity.

This is how the author Antonio Machado decides his fate. Referring to his own poem, he once heard a song sung by a girl in a square in Valencia. When he asked whose verses it was, they replied: I do not know, they are ours, and they are from here. He thought he had achieved the glory of the unknown. Being completely anonymous, instead it is felt and understood as a message in poetry.

That is what we, the popular poets of this Argentine country, want. It can be hard to get there, but the excitement is beautiful. That’s why I allowed myself to add my verses to the great poetry that these young people started in this literary crusade.

Atahuvalpa Yupanqi

Forty-seventh episode of the post-Apocalypse novel. Broadcast live on Valekas Radio Bunker from December 10 to 21 to 22. We also broadcast on Irola Iratia, Radipolis, Agora Soul Radio and Radio Almina.
We started with Feeds n Chips, the journalism of our time and stealing news and headlines from here and there. We analyze how one of our collaborators came to question a Sevilla player.

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Communication and technology do not end there. We do not consider them to be products intended for sale or advertising on free, community media. In community experiences, communication is seen as a social process that builds a message collectively. The right to communication and communication is understood as a central and fundamental factor in the construction of possible other worlds.

These reflections open the article on the politicization of technology. Community radios and the right to communicate in digital areas. Today their authors come with us on the airwaves where this genius and community radio are attacking. Today, a doctoral student in sociology with a degree in social communication, Hawk Feminist, part of the Center for Digital Production, joins the Voice Fellowship Voice program. Santiago Garcia Gago holds a degree in Social Communication and a Doctorate in Sociology from CPR and a PhD in Community Radio and Free Software.

We talked about the Digital Rights Bill we proposed in Los Angeles 2019 Ready Without any interventions Tracula We work to criticize.

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