Technology in health care and knowledge transfer to the elderly

Technology in health care and knowledge transfer to the elderly



PROO wants to encourage seniors to play an active role in the overseas community. Especially the elderly, but also policy makers and other interested parties are invited to this fascinating web experience. The webinar is open to the public on November 12th

You can follow this route from 10.45 am: / webinar. This Webinar PROO – Partnership Council seeks to promote the transmission of knowledge of overseas care technology to seniors and to draw attention to the position of seniors in overseas province. PROO – Partnership Council Adult Overseas is a volunteer platform for organized and independent adults seeking answers to social issues surrounding the growing adult population in Overseas. The basic principle is to ‘influence governments and other institutions in social developments’.

Attractive web experience for engaging adults, healthcare professionals and policy makers.

This webinar marks the beginning of the pilot project, in which the Partnership Council of the Elderly Overseas Cell (PROO) focuses on familiarizing caregivers with technological developments and innovations. If consumer groups are consulted on the design and use of innovations from the outset, there is still much to be gained from adopting and adopting new technologies in healthcare.

Emphasis will be placed on introducing and managing the new technology to the elderly. Many developments are about the elderly without the use of adult knowledge and insight. Healthcare technology threatens to be unavailable to many because the design and / or manual (mostly older) do not meet clients’ needs. No costs.

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