“Technology has evolved”: Gesamtmetall boss is thinking about building new nuclear power plants

"Technology has evolved": Gesamtmetall boss is thinking about building new nuclear power plants

“Technology has evolved”
Gesamtmetall boss is thinking about building new nuclear power plants

The demand to extend the life of the nuclear power plant is getting stronger. All-metal President Wolf goes one step further. On the other hand, Green Youth, contrary to the majority of Green voters, specifically avoids long terms.

Stefan Wolff, president of the employers’ association Gesamtmetall, spoke in favor of the continued operation of the three nuclear power plants still operating in Germany and a discussion on the construction of new reactors. “I think it is necessary to keep nuclear plants running longer,” Wolff told the Funke Media Group’s press. The long service life of the three nuclear power plants still in operation will significantly reduce gas-fired power generation and help secure power supply when gas is not actually available.

“But we also need to have a debate about building new nuclear power plants,” Wolf continued. “Now 50 new nuclear power plants are being built worldwide and the technology has advanced. The EU has labeled nuclear energy as green energy.”

Wolf refers to what is called taxonomy. In early July, the EU launched a catalog of climate-friendly investments. In this case, investments in some gas and nuclear power plants will also be considered climate-friendly from January 2023. Others, including environmentalists, see this as wrong. Currently, three nuclear power plants are connected to the grid in Germany: Emsland in Lower Saxony, Iser 2 in Bavaria, and Neckarwestheim 2 in Baden-Württemberg. However, by law, they must be switched off by the end of 2022.

Sarah-Lee Heinrich, chair of Green Youth, rejected editorial network Germany’s extended terms: “We cannot extend the term. Extending the term is more than just a stretching operation.” It is unnecessary and expensive. “And nuclear power is a high-risk technology. What we need is the development of renewable energies.”

54 percent of Greens voters for extension

A majority of Greens voters are in favor of extending the life of Germany’s remaining nuclear power plants, according to a survey. In a representative survey conducted by the opinion research firm Insa for the “Bild” newspaper, 54 percent favored the expansion of energy supplies to reduce dependence on Russian gas. 38 percent of Green voters were against continuing. Among the public, 70 percent are in favor of expansion, 20 percent are against, and 10 percent are undecided.

Due to the energy crisis caused by the Russian attack, there is renewed talk of allowing Germany’s nuclear power plants to operate for several months in a so-called stretch mode. For example, FDP politicians demand it, and some Green politicians do not rule it out. However, the latter refers to a new stress test for electricity supply, which Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck has ordered from the Greens. CSU regional group head Alexander Dobrindt on Saturday maintained the long-term for as many years as possible. However, there has long been talk of restarting nuclear power plants that have already been shut down.

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